I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with so many great people. Here is what a few of them have said about our time together:

“Mark has been a trusted advisor to me for over 4 years. He came into my life at a very challenging time and provided just the healthy perspective and guidance I needed to navigate some choppy waters in business and personal life. I count myself very blessed to have Mark as a member of my personal advisory board. His humble spirit and Godly wisdom have made a profound impact on me personally and I’m sure for countless others. I couldn’t recommend him and his services more fully.” – Jason Weimer, President, Gratus Capital, LLC

“I had the pleasure of meeting Mark through workshops at a previous employer, and I find myself using his techniques and teachings years later in my current position, his approach is truly genius.” – Phil Thomson, Director, Inbox Marketer 

“Mark truly demonstrates passion for helping people and organizations achieve their potential. He possesses a unique level of insightfulness about how attitudes, relationships and experiences work together to either promote or inhibit the achievement of excellence. His direct, head-on approach helps him to make an impact quickly, and his practical solutions to performance challenges are easily understood by managers with varying levels of experience. Mark would be an asset to any organization looking for a fresh perspective on how to empower their people to achieve their personal best.” – Steve Arps, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking, Denmark State Bank

“Outward Focus has helped us define our Mission, Vision, and Values statement in a way that is alive within our team. We are enjoying success by finding more people to help, who tell more people about us who need our help. The market place is seeing something in us that is different and attractive. This differentiation is driving sales and profit.” – Michael J Weber, President, ProMinent Fluid Controls

“You stated that you were here to help us succeed and become better leaders. Never to be held hostage again. And once we accomplished that, we could never go back to being mediocre. You also said that you were different than other consultants. That you were going to be here for the long run. That you would be here and help us through the hard times and be here when we celebrate the good times. How big and how true those statements were. You have fulfilled each one while making believers out of all whom doubted. Never-the-less, we were tested and we have persevered and become successful…” – Fred Ihlenfeld, Former Plant Manager, Gossen

“I have had the pleasure of attending 3 of Mark’s workshops (2 of which I scheduled him for). Each time, I was challenged and inspired by his innovative approaches. I strongly recommend Mark’s workshops, consultations and trainings.” – Marcy Stutzman, Special Events Director, The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters

“Mark King in particular was instrumental in leadership development and team-building within our walls and was truly viewed as an internal teammate. The passion that Mark brought to his role at HCap Strategies was critical to the success he helped achieve over the years.”
Kent Smith, Vice President of Business Development, Employee Benefits Corporation

Through Mark’s hard work, I’ve seen numerous situations where vision and strategy are made crystal clear, communication barriers are broken down, and “Outward Focus” becomes the battle cry for phenomenal strides forward in motivation, productivity, and success…”
Thomas J. Kammerait, Shareholder, Chair of the Business Practice Group, von Briesen

“Mark has been an invaluable thought partner to me on a variety of organizational development activities.  I have worked with Mark on difficult individual and team situations and he approaches every conversation and activity with genuine interest, intellectual curiosity, and high integrity. Mark is gifted in working with many different types of individuals and groups – at all levels. His success comes from his ability to coach, facilitate, and lead through a very strong set of values and focus on helping others succeed. Mark is also an engaging public speaker. He is highly motivating with his commanding presence, provocative questioning, and principled storytelling. He has an ability to provoke thoughtful reflection about the importance of “how” success can be achieved by serving others.”
Kim Pettiford, Senior Director, HR Shared Services, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

“To hear Mark King speak is a treat for the mind and the soul. His remarks are practical in nature, but delivered in such an upbeat and inspirational manner that by the time you leave, you are ready to go out and slay all your dragons.”
Tom Fogec, Fogec Consultants

“He has assisted us as a Strategic Planning Facilitator, team-builder, motivational speaker, and Human Relations counselor. We depend a great deal on his skills, advice, and the perspective he brings. We feel that Mark King has made a significant and unique contribution to the success of our organization.”
Mark E. Brickman, Former Chairman & CEO, The Polacheck Company

“Mark is very insightful. He brought a lot of good ideas to the table. He helped us greatly in dealing with some tough personnel issues. He has a way of seeing things very clearly and suggesting practical solutions to problems. He helped me see characteristics of people I work with that I hadn’t recognized on my own; which improved my ability to communicate clearly with these people. I continue to consider Mark as a trusted advisor, and hope to work with him again in the future.”
Liz Kaiser, Shareholder at Winter, Kloman, Moter & Repp, S.C.

“Mark helped me navigate through an extremely challenging political environment with a governing board in a constant state of change. His emphasis on serving others as the pathway to success is right on target. Highly capable facilitator and advisor.”
Matt Carlson, President and Chief Executive Officer at National Sporting Goods Association

“Working with Mark is fun, personal and inspirational. His methodology of living by success principles has proven to be effective. He is deeply committed to helping individuals within an organization achieve self-realization and accomplish results they didn’t believe possible. If you or your organization is looking to achieve more through employees you believe in, I highly recommend you consider Outward Focus as a partner.”
Sue Doyle, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking, North Shore Bank

“In today’s world, business can sometimes be all about ME, ME, ME.  Bottom line first and people second. This can work in the short term, and sometimes even in the long run, but not as well in my opinion as getting the focus “OUTWARD”.  Mark understands and stresses that people should serve others and put the needs of your customers, clients, and others first. Mark is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met.”
Jeremy Belter, Associate Director Global View Capital Advisors and Fitness Owner