About Mark W. King

Mark W. King
Mark W. King

Outward Focus, Inc. – President & Founder
January 1992 – Present, Greater Milwaukee Area

I believe that individuals and organizations that focus on serving others first, will be wildly successful themselves.

For over 25 years, a number of great business people have given me the opportunity to come into their organizations and prove this principle really works. By embracing an Outward Focus, I’ve helped my clients with leadership development, teamwork, culture change and sales. This has allowed myself and the client not only to impact millions of dollars in profit, it has also helped them live the kind of vision they always knew was possible. As the clients I’ve worked with have developed into the leaders and team members they’ve always aspired to be, their businesses have grown and prospered as well.

I founded this business on two basic principles:
1) If you help others succeed, you will succeed.
2) Our behaviors must be motivated out of faith and love—not fear.

Because of how closely I’ve worked with these organizations, I have had the unique privilege of walking with others down the path to their success.

My time is invested in primarily four areas:

1) Leadership Development
2) Teamwork
3) Culture Change
4) Sales

Some of the key benefits I provide are:

  • Working through complex issues to identify the root causes, and, as a result, address them effectively.
  • Regaining power over those that may be holding us back by re-framing our attitudes and assumptions.
  • Adding an objective voice during decision-making.
  • Helping individuals trust their intuition in order to take action in the moment.
  • And, most importantly, guiding organizations to operate out of faith and love—not fear.

Through my clients’ trust, it has been an honor to help a number of organizations grow in their success. I know it is not through mere chance or coincidence that my clients and I stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and walk down this path of development together. Let’s talk today to explore whether or not we are meant to work together.

If you or a colleague is struggling with leadership, “walking on eggshells” with employees, or spending too much time on the unimportant aspects of business, just know this: it can be different! It just takes an Outward Focus!

Specialties: Leadership Development, Teamwork, Culture Change, Sales, Inspirational Speaking, Expert in Motivation and Behavior, Skilled Facilitator

Contact:  mark@outwardfocus.com