Where Engagement Begins

Jul 29, 2019 Employee Engagement

To me, to be engaged at work means to care deeply about the outcome. To go “above and beyond”, to push yourself, to overcome the challenges and resolve the conundrums. To be engaged means seeing the bigger picture, and not just the “work”, but more importantly the purpose behind the work. To be engaged is to be a part of “building something special”. So where does real engagement begin? In the mind of each employee. They have to believe three things about themselves: They have been created for a greater purpose or mission. They have been given gifts and talents within which to fulfill that purpose. There is work prepared in advance for them to do. Put simply, each person has a purpose, they can fill that purpose and there is work out there, their position, that they need to do. The problem is, in many cases, when we look for someone to join our company, we look at who has the background, education, and experience to do the job. That’s not bad, it’s just not enough. The real question isn’t “can we fill this job?” Or “can I get this job?” The real question is “are we supposed to be working together?” Are they supposed to join us in fulfilling our mission and can we help them in fulfilling their mission? In an employer/employee relationship, it comes down to three things: Competence: Can they do the work and can we do the work together? Character: Can they be in it to serve others first as we serve others first? Chemistry: Do they “get” us and do we “get” them? It doesn’t work if they can’t do the work. It also doesn’t work if they’re selfish or we’re selfish. And it really doesn’t work if they don’t understand or, in some cases, don’t like what we do. Engagement is relatively simple but it isn’t easy. We need to speak directly to their competence, character, and chemistry and finish by asking whether or not we’re supposed to work together! Based on the numbers, almost 70% of employees out there would benefit greatly by being where they belong. Can you imagine how productive we could be! When we find that person who has the competence, the character, and the chemistry and is supposed to join our team, we can’t help but to “build something special together”! hashtag#employeeengagement hashtag#buildsomethingspecial

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