The Big Picture

Jul 29, 2019 Teamwork

I was taught, early in my career, that group dynamics is a powerful force always at work in our companies. Stated simply it says that in any given group: 20% will lead 60% will follow and 20% will resist The problem is if leaders aren’t leading, by default, the resistors are. And, many times, this can feel like 80% of the company is moving in the wrong direction. Maintaining the status quo, focusing on problems, finding reasons to not move forward. The question becomes: how do we get moving in the right direction? Conventional wisdom would have us focus on the resistors and get them to buy-in. That doesn’t work. Why? Because resistors are far better at deflecting than we are at holding them accountable. Like many things in leadership, we must use a counter-intuitive approach. The 1st thing to do is bring your leaders close and ask them to pursue a greater vision that serves all and take on more responsibility. Next, we ask the followers to get better right where they are. This will begin to move the organization in the right direction and helps bring the resistors to a decision point: should I get on this bus or should I get off? This is where the team really starts to work together building something special! hashtag#leadershiphashtag#directionhashtag#buildingsomethingspecial

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