So, What Holds Us Back?

Jul 29, 2019 Motivation

To think that we need to feel a certain way to do the right thing! Tim Keller, in his book, Counterfeit Gods, talked about the 4 idols: Power Approval Comfort Control These are what holds us back. If we want to be successful, we have to help others succeed first. This is the Ultimate Success Principle and it cannot be violated. That means we have to do the right things for others for the right reason! Where this gets messed up is: When we want to feel Powerful but we don’t. When we want to feel Approved but we don’t. When we want to feel Comfortable but we don’t. When we want to feel that we’re in Control but we don’t. Whatever “idol” we’re seeking to serve, we look for “externals” or evidence outside of ourselves to tell us that we can “feel” powerful, approved, comfortable, or in control. When that happens, we’re making it all about ourselves, we’re violating the Ultimate Success Principle. This is what holds us, our people and, ultimately, our organizations back. We’ve been created for a purpose, given gifts and talents to fulfill that purpose and work prepared in advance to do. Let’s step out in faith, feel what we feel, and do the right thing anyway. Then we can experience what it really means to be successful! hashtag#buildingsomethingspecial

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