Our “Why” and Employee Engagement

Jul 29, 2019 Employee Engagement

A question came up recently about what the real difference is between employee engagement and employee satisfaction. In brief, satisfaction has to do with the “externals” i.e. pay, benefits, working conditions, job security. Engagement has to do with the “internals” i.e. purpose, “voice”, belonging, mastery. The numbers are sobering. Just over 50% of employees are satisfied and yet just over 30% are engaged. Could you imagine if we were 50% engaged? 75%? 90%? What an incredible opportunity! Every business on the planet has a mission to be fulfilled and capable, talented people to fulfill that mission. We must invest more time in talking about the “why” of what we do, not just what we do! Every employee wants to be a part of building something special, they want to be engaged. If they haven’t or don’t it’s because they haven’t found their “why” or, in some cases, don’t even know they have one! Let’s commit to helping each other find our “why”! And finding our “why” always starts by remembering we are here to serve others first. Let’s all find our “why”, get engaged in our work and, through our businesses, “be the change we want to see in the world!” hashtag#employeeengagementhashtag#businesshashtag#masteryhashtag#missions

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